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Benny C. Mathews is a follower of Jesus Christ and the President of Leadership Development, at ALPHA IMPACT LEADERSHIP SEMINARS (Passion for God and people… Equip church leaders and planters.) Their objective is to train 100,000 leaders to plant 100,000 churches.

Benny followed in the footsteps of his parents who are church planting missionaries in Northern India. In 1994, he resigned his job in the medical field in New York City to be involved in the work of Alpha Ministries. He later received an invitation from Dr. Jerry Falwell to join Liberty Bible Institute. A series of life changing experiences happened there under the leadership of Dr. Harold L. Willmington.

Benny spends a majority of his time in South Asian countries and Africa, organizing and speaking in seminars and leadership training. He is called to motivate, mobilize, and support the national evangelists and pastors to reach the least-reached for Jesus Christ. Whether it is mentoring and serving in his local church or on the mission field, God has blessed and empowered him with the ability to encourage others and to nurture the belief in God’s endless possibilities.

His purpose statement: To make Christ known in places where they have never heard the Gospel, mobilizing natives to accomplish God’s global agenda among the least-reached. Benny and Lina were married in 1990. They have three children; Faith-Hannah, Ben-Israel and Joy-Ruth. They live near Lynchburg, Virginia.

A Heart Burdened for Their People

His passion was completely diverted from Buddha to Christ. Myanmar (Burma) is a country torn by natural and man-made disasters. The nation successfully elected a new government after half a century under brutal military rule, and now refugees are preparing to return to their home villages. God is at work through Alpha Ministries supported workers ministering to these hurting people by meeting their practical needs while also demonstrating the unfailing love of Christ. After a long interval I was able to visit Myanmar and experience how people serve God selflessly in the slums near the Irrawaddy riverbank in Yangon, Myanmar. God can fill our hearts with so much of Him that it overlooks the physical conditions, boundaries, and limitations of a man, to throw the net far into the unreached, calloused, and difficult nations of the world. A young couple, saved from Buddhism, have dedicated their entire lives serving the children in this region of Myanmar. One young man, in his early twenties, who was ...

Living with Urgency - Living for IMPACT 2014

I saw something incredible happen at our Family Conference with frontline Pastors and Church Planters. This time of fellowship helped them to encourage, uplift and compliment one another. Our goal is to build up self-esteem, praise, appreciate for one another, and to be challenged to reach the unreached with the Gospel. This is a snapshot of what happened at the frontline Pastors and church planters family conference. It was a moving time of revival. It wouldn't be farfetched to say that the transformation we saw in families at the seminar was a long-term, life-changing occurrence. We took families of 60 key frontline Pastors and Church planters and invited them to stay at a retreat center. Most of these Pastors had never spent any quality time alone at a retreat like setting. They experienced being in God's presence, along with their spouse. All of them were provided a one-bedroom suite and childcare was provided for their children. For some couples, this was the first time being by themselve ...

Mission Update March 2014

This is our latest update from Varsa.  Enjoy!

God is Large and in Charge!

Greetings brothers and sisters. We arrived in India and have already faced several challenges, and we need you to continue praying for us. Throughout every facet of this trip, God has shown his faithfulness and that He is large and in charge! A men!!! Shortly after arrival, the relief truck was involved in a serous head-on collision and the driver and his co-driver were injured. Although some oil packets burst, the food and grain were safe. We are thankful that the vehicle was not totaled, for the damage would have been much worse. Because of police investigation and insurance company investigation, the truck was stranded for a day and a half. Our team had to hire another truck, reload all the things onto the truck, and take it to Orissa. The road conditions were very bad, and many bridges to that region have been severely damaged, and therefore, the bus could not travel more than 20 miles an hour We encountered severe rain as our team travelled to Orissa. Pastor Babylon had made wonderful arrang ...

Star Wars and Missions?

When you mention summer vacation to students, their minds gravitate toward a multitude of fun activities. I'm sure many of us are surrounded by video-gamers, summer campers, movie fans and sports players. But for children in Wilmington, a movie about a galaxy far, far, away became a venue for missions. There families children came up with a brilliant idea on how to transform their obsession into an operation for God.

Urgent Persecution Update

Narendra and Nirmala Raut were a married couple with a son and daughter who attended Pastor Tejram Nawegoaon Alpha Ministries' church in India. Many times the Rauts came under intense persecution from their neighbor, only because of their faith. Recently, the persecuting neighbor's family had suffered from illnesses. So, the father consulted a medium who placed the blame on Narendra and Nirmala. Overcome with anger, the neighbor attacked Narendra Raut and hit him on the head repeatedly with a bamboo stick. He died from his injuries. Just the day before his death, this couple was in a prayer meeting where Alpha Ministries' Papa Mathews preached. Both husband and wife were encouraged by him to whole-heartedly follow Jesus. Pastor Mathews prayed with them and encouraged them in the Lord. This gruesome incident shocked everyone, especially members of the church. Nirmala, the wife, is a strong believer in the Lord and an active member if the Nawegaon church. Now the Rauts and the c ...

Our Deepest Wounds

I’m currently in Rustenburg, South Africa at the Harmony Christian School and Children’s Center. Located in the northwest province, Rustenburg has one of the highest concentrations of AIDS orphans in Africa. It is a tragedy to see children suffering, yet inspiring to see the selfless work of Harmony. There are great friends of Alpha Ministries here and it is a blessing to spend time with them and minister together. They provide children with a spiritual education and the care they need. Also joining me here are Stefan Potgieter and his wonderful family. This past Sunday, God blessed me with the opportunity to preach in one of the church plants. While here I have been reminded of what someone once said, “Our deepest wounds surround our greatest gifts.” I'm also planning on visiting Lenasia, a formerly exclusive Indian township right in Johannesburg. It is also where Mahatma Gandhi lived at Tolstoy Farm. I do believe God is taking me to ancient paths for a specific purpose. Every year, the people take ...

The Power of a Resurrected Life

At this time of year, our thoughts focus on the eternal hope the resurrection of Jesus Christ alone gives. What better way to celebrate that resurrection power than by sharing the testimony of a resurrected life and the healing of a precious heart! Bovaji and his wife Tayaji Desai were devoted Hindus with two children, a son and a daughter. Their family battled sickness, financial hardships, and crippling difficulties. Unknown to both parents, their son Sunil was suffering from congenital heart disease. He suffered from so many medical complications, but they could never discover the cause. His mother was suffering herself from severe medical problems. Bovaji worked hard as a laborer on a farm, but seeing his wife and son suffering with no help in sight was too much to bear and he began to drink heavily. He stopped working and there was no income. Sunil's mother slipped into a deep depression. The local Alpha Ministries pastor and his wife reached out to the family. They shared the Gospel and praye ...

100 Million Bathe in Darkness

It is the world's largest religious gathering. It's even been called the largest gathering of humanity in the world. It is Kumbh Mela,the mass Hindu pilgrimage of faith, where over 100 million Hindus gather to bathe in a river and believe themselves cleansed of their sins and saved. 36 million people, in one day alone last month, took to the river for their salvation. It is believed in Hinduism that drops of the nectar of immortality fell from a pitcher carried by gods long ago. And it is this nectar where they place their eternal hope. My friend, how sad it is to see the millions upon millions in India still bathing in darkness. Instead of salvation they find only disease, sickness, and even abandonment, caused by so much overcrowding in one place. Some are even crushed to death. But far worse is the eternal death they are condemned to if they never hear the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is God who is the spring of living water,"the river of the water of life, as clear as cryst ...

A Heart for Hearts

Sometimes the rhythm and pulse of our lives is interrupted. The timing of circumstances and situations can leave us confused. And just like an erratic heartbeat, it can bring us to our knees. Before my recent trip to India, I experienced some issues with my heart. My family and I were concerned but I knew that once I was inIndia I could see the doctors I needed to see.Because of my busy schedule I did not go to a doctor until two days before my departure. The doctors there were extremely concerned, even warning me not to travel and giving me a signed letter to give to Delta Airlines. But obligations here in the States caused me to keep my flight schedule. By the time I left India, those who were praying for me were on their knees. They were worried that even traveling home would be too much for my heart until I received the medical care I needed. Once home, I thought I will visit the doctor the following week after my scheduled meeting in Texas. Two days prior to my trip, Kelly Urbani, w ...

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    Thanks! for sharing details of this event. Love the title "God is Large and in Charge!" He IS!

    -- Arthur Vullamparthi